Tuesday, August 20, 2013

A 42 day fast

This Sunday August 18 I have started a 42 day fast. The first day was a hard one. It is like my body knew I was going to fast for a long time and I was actually really hungry. I am use to intermittent fasting since I do fast intermittently at least three days every week and one day should be no problem. But it was.

The second day was easier. I had some headache and took a painkiller and then it was gone. The painkiller kicks in very fast when fasting. Since I medicate for high blood pressure, I need to drink a lot. So I drank some tea and vegetable bullion and other drinks that have very few or no calories. Before I go to bed I will drink some vegan protein drink since my goal is not to lose weight it is actually to gain weight but of course I do not think I will do that the next six weeks. The protein drink will help me from losing muscle and I will do some heavy weight lifting too.

Update September 15
The fast has been working fine until now. My whole family has got a cold and I quit the fast since I do not want to make the infection worse. On top of that I got an infection in my hands on my knuckles since I have been boxing with a sandbag without gloves. Don't do that. My knuckles are bleeding and infected so I will have a break to heal. Maybe I start fasting again in a week or so. Then I will have to start a new 42 day fast since this one only became three weeks. :)


  1. It is still possible to do intermittent fasting protocols while still eating breakfast, but some people find it easier to eat a late breakfast or skip it altogether and this common myth should not get in the way. intermittent fasting meal plan

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